Probates, Conservatorships & Trust Sales


Selling a home through probate is more complex than a typical home sale, which is why many real estate agents choose not to handle these types of transactions.  With nearly two decades of experience working with probate attorneys and their clients, We understand the unique intricacies involved in a probate sale.  We place particular importance on maximizing the purchase price so that the home does not sell at a discount. We have honed our expertise in this field to accommodate the needs of probate attorneys, and the wishes of their clients.  We value the referrals sent to us via probate attorneys, and strive to exceed their expectations by providing their clients with unparalleled customer service, forging a mutually respectful relationship with all parties involved.





-        Guide the client through the sales process while looking after the best interest of the  estate.


-         Ensure that all proper probate forms are utilized and completed correctly.


-         Ensure that the proper disclosures are completed while limiting the liability of the estate.


-        Have all proper paperwork and disclosures ready to hand out to potential over-bidders at the court confirmation.


-        The use of my recommendations for service providers including haulers, painters, cleaners, specialized escrow officers and title company representatives.


-        Market expertise covering a large area. Far-reaching territorial capability, surpassing that of the neighborhood specialist by attracting buyers from all over.



Simply put; We promise to ease the burden of a probate home sale by offering our tenured expertise in the field of home sales.